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Black Creek Chromite

The Black Creek Chromite deposit is located in the James Bay Lowlands in an area known as "The Ring of Fire". Canada is ranked #5 in the world for its chromite resources due to the deposits located here. Black Creek was discovered in 2009 and lies along the ultramafic horizon containing the area's main chromite deposits that are key to future chromite mining operations.

The Black Creek Chromite Deposit is strategically located between the Black Thor and Big Daddy deposits which are owned by Noront Resources. Black Creek is interpreted to represent the southwest extension of the Black Thor horizon.

It is situated close to bedrock which is important for two reasons. It provides low stripping ratios for mining and a stable base for infrastructure and operations. The McFauld's area is characterized by muskeg and it is rare to find stable footings. The morphology of the deposit is also important as it appears to represent a consistent lens of mineralization uninterrupted by faulting or deformation.

A NI-43 101 Resource Estimate completed in 2015, confirmed that the open-pitable deposit contains over 10 million tonnes of high grade chromite rich enough to be direct-shipped upon extraction. The cut-off grade was 20% Cr2O3 including internal waste.

2015 NI-43 101 Resource Estimate

CategoryTonnesAvg. Cr2O3 %Cr:Fe Ratio
Measured (M)5,256,00037.001.8
Total M & I8,645,00037.411.8

Note: All tonnages have been rounded to the nearest thousand.